Weekend, 4/7-8/18

Andrew Wheating, The Coach

To avoid back pain, lift heavy things.

Brad Stulberg: The Case For Not Changing a Thing

How to Enhance Performance on Competition Day

Ryan Holiday’s 42 Books That Will Make You A Better Person (Each Described In 1 Sentence) We recommend Holiday’s Ego Is the Enemy and The Obstacle Is the Way. …There are so many greats out there we avoid. Middlemarch was one of those for me. Even made a couple runs into it and stalled out in the first chapter. Finally, after again noticing some very, very smart people (not English majors, like Stephen Hawking), saying it’s one of the best books ever… Now a third through and loving it. Very funny.

Kobe Bryant Creates Foundation…

Jen Miller/NYT: Coaching, Bananas, and Mystery Illness

Pepsi Invitational results. Conditions poor. Don, fair weather fan, did not appear.

Read du jour: What the Arlee Warriors Were Playing For

Ken Goe On the practicality of Hayward’s east side… …Vin Lananna, former UO head coach and still UO something-or-other, says UO spends over $100,000 yearly to keep the east side from collapsing. Like wine, its fine in its time, but…
BTW, the old west side was about to collapse in the mid 70s. It was replaced with the present structure for less than a million.

Mariah Castillo breaks Saugus school record in the 3200. …Shannon Murakami had the previous school record, 10:31.24, set in 2007.
…Mariah blew away Lauren Fleshman’s Foothill record (set in 1999) by nine seconds. …Still no track& field stories in The Signal since March 15.

NYT: Jane Brody’s Personal Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss

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