Easter Weekend, 2018

Running Wisdom from 100-Year-Old Champions

Are you doing the carbohydrate mouth rinse? …You can read all about it in Hutchinson’s Endure. Fascinating read. Here’s the deal. Your coach, or anyone else who presumes to give informed advice, should read the book. …No, as a matter of fact, I don’t do the carbohydrate mouth rinse. I’m bad.

Consider Lisa Delong’s When Lightening Strikes Twice. …Yep, Dave Delong’s wife.

NYT: Running’s Magic Beans

Must see: SCV Sprints. Cool/informative graphic on Alysia Johnson/Montano. Best ever track & field athlete from SCV. No one achieved so much. …Is Matt Nali and his team the only entity covering SCV track & field? Why are the SCV track/running sites so weak (major exception being Paul Broneer/Canyon)?

Ken Goe provides Hayward Field update and links. …Note the success of Allie Ostrander at the Stanford Invitational. She’s only 5-1, 21 years old, and is one of the best steeplers in the world. And she does tough, crazy stuff like Mt. Marathon. …Way-tougher and more dangerous than The Beast. …Most runners (including Don) secretly think themselves kinda awesome, a tough hombre or kickass lady, but few love The Beast, Mt. Pisgah in Eugene, or unafraid to try the steeple. …The steeple hurdle is 30 inches for females, 36 inches for males.

Why Catholic Colleges Excel at Basketball

Why Pain is Necessary. …Reminds me of the brain training discussion in Hutchinson’s Endure. He shows how (and I believe) we can squeeze/tough out a better time in most every race.

Run Your Own Race

It all starts with a handshake

Nature: Closer Than It Seems. …Hey, as parents used to say (before it got “unsafe”), go outside and play.

Vin Lananna was clearly in a good mood on a cold morning. He said his remarks would be brief, like the shorts he was wearing for “some crazy reason,” and that he was freezing. He’s relieved that the Hayward renovation will begin. The 12 week Sunday training session will continue in 2019, but where he doesn’t know. (Maybe Hayward?) And finally, he said, though not knowing Bowerman, that Bowerman was big dreamer, big-doer, and that Bill would have loved to see what Hayward will become.

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