Noise of nothingness.

Going to the quietest place in the United States

Science: People who read books tend to live longer

Run Faster With This Easy, Proven Form Tweak. Land on mid foot. Watch slo motion of the best runners. Vin and Ian stress mid foot, pointed straight ahead. Everything should be forward.

Remembering Prefontaine

In the NCAA D1 outdoor t&f rankings, the University of Oregon men are # 1 and Oregon women #2. See here and here.

Why do runners love Death Valley? Indeed, it stretches your eyeballs and blows your mind. …How ’bout that free marathon in Mohave?

Should You Keep Your Big Goals To Yourself?

Those who assert that everything is predestined still look before they cross the street. ~Stephen Hawking

Video: Random Acts of Kindness …In our lives, is kindness the norm or the exception?

You’re probably already in the top 5% of fitness. Don’t fret! Don’t split hairs.

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