Weekend, 2/24-25/18

The Grim Reaper does not care about the latest longevity study you sawFor example.

Pick Up Other People’s Trash

NYT: Harassment While Running, etc.

Oregon Ducks senior Sam Prakel is all business, on the track and in the classroom.

How beliefs shape our waistlines. I Think I Can.

On Saturday we saw five bald eagles, one adult and four juveniles. Fishing for lunch, we think, on the Willamette River. The adult’s mate is likely on the nest.

Alex Hutchinson: Holding your breath during training can improve performance

Michael D. Joyner on supplements: Here.

Did USTAF Board chair Steve Miller undermine Vin Lananna? …Eleven months ago the United States hosted the World Indoor Track & Field Championships in Portland, Oregon, the brainchild of Vin Lananna. …Today Vin is flying to London for the 2019 World Indoor Track & Field Championships, there to be the USA representative/go-to guy for the 2021 World Track & Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon, Hayward Field being less than a mile from Vin’s house.

Andrew Wheating Needs a Job

Another good story on the Oregon walk-on, Mick Stanovsek

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