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Monday, 12/18/17

Wow! A 55 year old video about Bruce Kidd, with Lazlo Tabori, commentary by W.H. Auden. Here.

W.H. Auden poen: The Runner

Don witnessed history on the boards on February 10, 1962. With Jim Beatty, Lazlo Tabori, Murry Halberg, and Bruce Kidd. Auden was a no show.

Ashima Shiraishi became, by the age of fourteen, possibly the best female rock climber ever -a Gretzky of the granite

Cardiovascular Guideline Skepticism vs Lifestyle Realism?

Update on anti-aging drugs.

20 days ago we were on that same southbound track where the train derailed this morning.

Boom lands on Froome. Great cycling through chemistry.

Q&A with Mike Blackmore

.Mike Blackmore, 56, UO graduate, Licensed Massage Therapist in Eugene, head cross country/distance track coach at Linfield College in McMinville, stud racer. Now single (has a girlfriend), no kids, one cat, 7 sub-fours (miles, not marathons), his best being 3:57.46. His 13:37 5000 ain’t too shabby either. As a master, he has won five USATF National Championships on track and trails. In December, 2017, he was third in his age group at the National XC Championships. He has never raced a marathon. And doesn’t apologize for it. We said, on your behalf, we’re OK with that, and respect him notwithstanding.

1. When/how did you get interested in running? After such early success, you gave it up. Why/when did you return to competition?

I started running when I was 12 because my best friend was running. We didn’t really train much until high school. I stopped in December of 1992 because I was tired of fighting plantar fasciitis. After 16 years off of racing and training, I jumped back in because I thought it might be fun. Never thought I would get to the level of masters running I have.

2. Your work/commute schedule is crazy. How often do you run? Training schedule and key workouts? Other strength/cross training?

I try to run as many days a week as I can because I know things are going to get in the way. I try to get in one hard effort every 5-7 days if I can. This fall, I ran a bunch of 1000m workouts to keep things simple. I can usually stay pretty healthy if I don’t get on the track and start running short, fast repeats. I also have an Elliptigo that I’ll use if the weather allows, and hit the pool for deep water running if something doesn’t feel right.

3. A Eugene resident for 37 years, you know all the best runners, boys and girls. Who is especially fun or great and why? Examples, please.

I think the simple answer to that is the incredible job Jeff Hess has done at South Eugene over the years. His kids always race well when it matters, and many of them have gone on to have successful college careers. Paige Kouba representing Harvard in the Olympic Trials steeplechase was great to see. I was also lucky enough to coach Russell Drummond at Churchill to a state title in the 800, and he had a nice career at Colorado School of Mines with a pile of All-American awards.

4. Advice to your younger self at 20 years?

Run your own workout, not somebody elses.

5. Books on your night table?

Coaching Better Every Season by Wade Gilbert. , Brenda Davis’ Becoming Vegan (which won’t happen). Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness.

6. What three running/sports/nutrition books would you like your athletes to read?

I gave my entire Linfield team Shalane Flanagan’s cookbook, Run Fast, Eat Slow this year. Athletes need to learn how to cook and take care of themselves if they expect to stay healthy. Chris Lear’s Running with the Buffaloes is a good read about dealing with adversity to achieve a goal. I think every kid wants to read Pre by Tom Jordan.

7. What did you have for breakfast? Usual breakfast time?

I actually have a hard time eating breakfast unless I’m racing in the morning. Unless you count a pot of coffee. I usually have a snack mid morning if I remember to take one with me, like a banana or a Market of Choice cinnamon roll.

8. What special moment or insight caused your devotion to running?

I played basketball from 4th-9th grade. After I broke my high school 2 mile record my freshman year, I decided it was time to start training during the winter. I still played hoops with my friends, and could dunk a volleyball when I was senior, but my playing days were over.

9. What does your morning and daily routine look like?

Organized chaos.

Weekend, 12/16-17/17

Read du jour. On legendary biologist, writer, and runner Bernd Heinrich. He’s 77, running the 10K in about 47 minutes, living with another legend, 57 year old Lynn Jennings.

Excellent: Racing the Antelope and Why We Run

Ever wonder about the namesake of the Catholic church on Copper Hill in Saugus, CA? I have. Turns out the writer on the Heinrich story has a book that, in part, tells the story of Kateri Tekakwitha.

Dyestat ranks Mariah Castillo as sixth best in the nation. Here.

Sonia O’Sullivan: Why running the mile is still the perfect distance. …Gut check. What is your current mile time? I’m guessing you don’t know, and don’t want to know. I race the mile once a year, usually on the track at Hayward Field. This year I ran 8:13. Dead last. Mortified and depressed.

Brad Stulberg: Use Your Mind to Push Your Body

Huh. California Warns People to Limit Exposure to Cellphones More.

NYT: Running

Good reads and video here. Learn about the Stoics and caffeine naps. Yes, you read that right.

Friday, 12/15/17

Hurricane Harvey Could Barely Slow Down Sabra Harvey, 68

Happiness is down in America.

What we’re doing is not working.

Eat your veggies! Fresh, frozen, or canned.

Craig Fowler hiked AT, PCT, and Continental Divide and pedaled Tour Divide, the Colorado Trail Race, and the Arizona Trail Race. Read.

The School Closed. The Players Left. But the Coach Can’t Quit.

Video: Eliud Ngetich Late Evening Fartlek in Central Park 15 x 1:1 hard/ easy.

Thursday, 12/14/17

How Symmetrical Are You?

Alex Hutchinnson: Don’t Let Pollution Stop You from Exercising

Speed Development

TrackTown USA Newsletter

World’s oldest guy (113) discloses longevity secrets.

World Political Leaders 5K results.More.

Semi-Rad: The ShortCut Is: There Is No Shortcut

Wednesday, 12/13/17

71-Year-Old Sets Blazing Fast Mile World Record—on Low Mileage

Being injured sucks. …Just bad luck or being stupid?

USA marathon champ Sara Hall defies convention. Of course we’re all different, and sometimes you’re lucky.

If you had the bucks, would you buy a da Vinci or restore sight for nine million people? The Man Who Didn’t Save the World

Good advice

The Western Elite from a Chinese Perspective

Video: We Do Not Run For Prize

California 17th, Oregon 20th healthiest states in the United States. Story.

Tuesday, 12/12/17

More love for Joe Newton. …Check out the Mr. Newton documentary, The Long Green Line.

Laugh here and here.

The problem with having a 3:00:35 marathon PB is I now have to run another one to break 3. Looking for a spring marathon with a very flat course. Any suggestions? ~Nick Symmmonds

Awesome: National Anthem 2017 Army – Navy Football Game 118th Edition

the morning shakeout

Paralympic Medalist Mentors 4th Graders

Eric Schranz says Gene Blankenship is the Joe Newton in his life. Ditto for sis Kristen. …More.

Alexi Pappas Takes Napping Seriously

Monday, 12/11/17

Super Goethe. My gang (old boys and girls) are still buzzing about Leonardo.

Fun read: Kick Against the Pricks

$600 kicks. I’d be embarrassed to buy them. Even if they returned me to my times of four years ago, that spry and speedy version of Don at 68. …More.

It’s nice to be great, but it’s FAR greater to be nice. ~Joe Newton

Finally, an avocado “as big as my head”

12 Habits to Keep up Your Running Motivation. Yeah, yeah, that’s what I thought. But I read it anyway and am glad I did.

Weekend, 12/9-10/17

Sleep vs. Exercise

Muddy, Thirsty, Naked, Joyful: Running Through Bears Ears National Monument

The Ultimate Adventure Vacation? Paying to Get Lost

Gary Patton (71) just ran 5:29.81 to break the 70+ indoor mile world record. …More. …My Eugene area rival beats me by two minutes in a 5K. Patton competes in Eugene about once a year and beats my rival by two minutes.

Bernard Lagat (43 next week) did an impressive 12 mile workout

NYT: Running Gift Guide, etc.

Pre, Pre Classic, Salazar, Olympic Trials… Greatest event ever at Hayward Field? Here.More.

A Legend Has Passed: Joe Newton RIP 1929-2017

The USATF National Masters XC Championships held this weekend. Craig Godwin was 15th in the 50-54 AG. Mike Blackmore was 3rd in the 55+ AG. Results.

Video: Kilian Jornet in the Northern Lights

Friday, 12/8/17

Breaking news. Results from the 2017 High Desert 50k Ultra and 2017 High Desert 30k. Rolling desert terrain on jeep roads, single track trails, and sandy washes, with elevation. Older/tougher (than thee and me) SCV friends in race::

Denis Trafecanty, 75, 7:24:46

Glenda Kimmerly, only 66, 4:20:20
Marv Powers, 89, 5:29:42
Gaylon Rodin, 75, 5:37:59
Patricia Devita, 83, 6:01:23

The event used to include a marathon. I ran it once and won (over about a dozen other sissies, not tough enough to do the 50K). Will never forget the shock and awe of a huge explosion several miles away during the race. The course is near the Naval Weapons Center, and some ordinance was detonated on that clear and cold Sunday morning

Meanwhile, per pending lawsuit, NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon grabbed, drugged, and threatened…

The Summer of Solinsky

How A Small Alaskan Fishing Town Saw The 4-Minute Mile

The Vaporfly Cult

Quack stuff for vets?

Alex Hutchinson: 5 Sports Science Studies That “Failed”

Badass? This Guy Was the Real-Life Inspiration for Indiana Jones

Werner Herzog Gets Shot