Monday, 12/18/17

Wow! A 55 year old video about Bruce Kidd, with Lazlo Tabori, commentary by W.H. Auden. Here.

W.H. Auden poen: The Runner

Don witnessed history on the boards on February 10, 1962. With Jim Beatty, Lazlo Tabori, Murry Halberg, and Bruce Kidd. Auden was a no show.

Ashima Shiraishi became, by the age of fourteen, possibly the best female rock climber ever -a Gretzky of the granite

Cardiovascular Guideline Skepticism vs Lifestyle Realism?

Update on anti-aging drugs.

20 days ago we were on that same southbound track where the train derailed this morning.

Boom lands on Froome. Great cycling through chemistry.

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