Thursday, 11/2/17

The Week That Was in Running.

I know longer care about football, and until five minutes ago never heard about L.A Rams punter Johnny Hekker. Don’t miss the video/Pat McAffee’s hilarious comments.

It’s science. Sweat Science. Smiling Makes You a More Efficient Runner

Santa Clarita is in the top five percent of cities… A good thing?

Big Sis has four grandchildren, all attending Cardinal Newman High School, now burned down, in Santa Rosa. She reports: “The kids are all getting their classes in different places, and in different towns. … As you can imagine life is not simple. The teachers based on their subjects travel to each location. The different locations are based freshman, sophomore and etc……so the math teacher has to go to each location where her/his next class is.” …Big Sis and kin are not Catholics, but it’s a time for generosity. …Do you know anyone who is too generous? Definitely not Don, but he’s sending a check.

Steve Magness: Cult or Culture: What team are you creating?

Michael Joyner tweets: Suggest everyone do an extra set of core work and leg press today in honor of Gary Player’s 82nd birthday. Video.

Now reading: Leonardo Da Vinci. Terrific.

52 Pieces of Adventure Advice

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