Friday, 10/27/17

Remembering Terry Laughlin:

Brad Stulberg on escaping the rut:

A good one about Julian Edelman and his resolve to be in the NFL.  Work hard and don’t eat crap.

Force and motion of an elite Kenyan.

“Running mindfully is basically an attitude switch—you’re forced to step away from your pity party.” More:

Was lunching yesterday with some old boys and girls, none of them runners.  The subject of Steve Prefontaine came up.  One guy told of his third grade class on a field trip to Hayward Field.  Steve was there and gave them a little talk, then took them on a lap, telling them stories.  One inspired kid suddenly bolts ahead, only to soon feel a hand grab on his shoulder.  “Hey,” said Steve, “you’re going to have to grow and get faster to get ahead of me.” …
Another guy said he used to go out drinking beer with Steve.  The guy’s girl was best friends with Steve’s girl.  Usually, they would go to a red neck tavern in Coburg, a small town outside Eugene, where it was unlikely people would know him.  How much beer would he drink, I asked.  Pitcher each, he said.  And remember, he continued, pitchers were a lot bigger back then.  The guy continues: “Pity about him losing at the Olympics.  He was out drinking with the coach the night before the finals.  Didn’t realize that German beer was twice as strong the American piss beer.”  …Any of that stuff true?  I have no idea.
The Legend Lives On:

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