Tuesday, 2/19/19

the morning shakeout

What’s Best for Weight Loss: Sprints, HIIT, or Steady-State Running? …Actually, it’s avoiding booze, sugar, and other naughty stuff.

Like: Colorized Photos Bring Walt Whitman, Charlie Chaplin, Helen Keller & Mark Twain Back to Life

Monday, 2/18/19

Row, row, row for fun and fitness. …Yes, it’s an awesome workout from head to toe. You can measure your efficiency and effort on every stroke. My PR is 9:51 for 2000m.

Video: NCAA All-time great, Porsha Lucas at 10.3 m/s (23.0 mph)

Scientific American: Does Eating Organic Reduce Cancer Risk?

We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves. ~Sir Roger Bannister

Weekend, 2/16-17/19

New indoor world record. In an upset. Men’s 1500. Results. …It was 3:31.18, set by Hicham El Guerrouj in 2/01/97. …More.

Declutter your mind. …AKA time management.

Breaking news from JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Associations, publishing since 1883): Push ups or die.

Ready for some digital hygiene?

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Running. Follow the links.

Tracktown Fitness warm up drills video

50 photos from 50 years ago.

Indoor 1500 meters world record video

About a week ago, Yomif Kejelcha ran a 3:48.46 in the Wanamaker Mile, fastest mile indoors or outdoors in five years. Shortly after, when the meet ended, coach Alberto Salazar had him doing a workout. Attend.

Cross Country, best sport on the planet, since 1819. …Yes, I suppose a case could be made for boys and girls chasing each other.

Friday, 2/15/19

40 y/o Anthony Famiglietti runs a 3:59 mile with his dog

Runner details how he strangled a mountain lion to death. Here.

Near the summit of Spencer Butte. Overlooking downtown Eugene. A three mile, unrelenting climb to the top. A favorite place to run.

Eight life lessons from Shalane Flanagan

Jordan Peterson on Marriage, Depression, Exodus, and More …Read 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Oliver Sachs, the neurologist, on steam engines, smartphones, and fearing the future.

Thursday, 2/14/19

Vin Lananna to File Grievance Over His Removal as USATF President

I have forgotten how to read

Time for Happiness

Aging Athletics

Wednesday, 2/13/19

Week That Was

Sports Drinks Are Overhyped. But They Work. Though sugared water might work just as well.

More Alex. Ice baths, cryosaunas, sleep trackers: If it feels good, should you do it?

What is right is more important than who is right. ~John Wooden

Major study indicates smoking pot in your teens is linked to depression in later life. Pot is legal in Oregon. In Eugene there are probably more pot stores than gas stations.

Tuesday, 2/12/19

the morning shakeout

Coffee is not addictive. …After 55 years, I stopped a month ago. No problem. Decaf only.

News you can use!!! Ken Goe/Oregonian is back with his almost daily track & field story and links. Here.

Cool video at the end of a OTC 5K race. Here.

Monday, 2/11/19

Why is doping in the NFL viewed as less important than in Olympic sport

Business bullshit

Weekend, 2/9-10/19

USATF Board’s Motives Questioned In Lananna Case

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Running and naughty eating. And lots more.

Kejelcha Misses Breaking Mile World Record By .01 Of A Second. Video. …Looks like he coasted in the last 5 yards.

The exercise “recovery” industry is largely bogus

Friday, 2/8/19

Cheserek’s Long Path To US Citizenship. …Actually, when Ches amps it up, his arm carriage is horrible, so says Vin Lananna. …Fast forward to last lap here.

Why the Bowerman Track Club Is the Best in the Nation. …Just a handful of miles away from Salazar’s group. Both clubs are funded by Nike.

The Psychological Appeal of Snake Oil