Wednesday, 4/4/18

Week That Was

In Praise of Bernard Lagat

Finally! Clothes washing mystery solved by physicists. …What is your surfactant gradient?

Bananas beat sport drinks

A Runner’s Mysterious Illness, With Her Dad at Her Side

Video: When Mountains Speak

Rupp is insane. Workout of the Day

Training culture

OK, so last night we attended Tracktown Tuesday, the insane brainchild of Vin Lananna in 2007. The first one had a crowd of 30. Now they’re 200+. Last night possibly 300+. First time for us, though I’ve been here for six years. But, hey, it’s past my bed time.

Last time I saw Justin Gallegos was three years ago, in town with his grandparents to see Eugene/UO, where Justin announced he was considering attending. The grandparent eyes were rolling, and possibly hoping we would discourage Justin. But as we all know, discouraging Justin… Anyway, Justin led off the program and won the night. Most and longest applause. …Afterwards promised us to do a Q&A.

There was a drawing for a special surprise. Don won. What, they didn’t say.

There was an interview with some UO super women who kicked butt at the NCAA Indoor Champs. Some Oregonians, but also twins from Australia and a Georgetown alum with a semester of eligibility. Eugene is a magnet.

Yesterday we mentioned the two Nike galoots would appear. Both were unbelievably funny and with some crazy stories. They traded up-the-ante tales about Nike and other stuff you can hardly believe. But probably true. Just for you, in the dark, I was feverishly jotting down stuff. 90% of it is unreadable. So sorry. You’ll just have to get up here some day. …There was a professional video guy and he told me the entire evening is on tape. I’ll check on that.

On the ten minute drive downtown, she asked if I thought Ken Goe would be there. As he lives in Portland, 100 miles away, and does a column every morning, I said no way. But there he was afterwards, cornering Vin. No way was anyone getting between those two.

So we’re walking out, having collected a lot of pens, trinkets, and a Pre poster for the man loft, and she said, “Aren’t you forgetting your prize.” Indeed, and there was a lady at a table looking for a Don McLean. The prize was two tickets to the NCAA D1 four day championship meet.

Tuesday, 4/3/18

E-Bikes: Dorkmobiles or Saviors of the Universe?

Q&A With Gwen Jorgensen on Her Move to Marathoning

When 26.2 miles just isn’t enough. Biggest plus about ultras, in my view, is that it gets you into the mountains.

the morning shakeout

Hooked on Vitamins? Here’s a bold idea. Ask your PCP.

“…the first thing the (NFL) coach asked me is what I would do if he punched me in the face right now?”

Bike Lanes May Be The Most Cost-Effective Way To Improve Public Health. …How crazy is it that runners drive to the gym, track, or trail? Or asking mom to drive you? Ever seen a coach…? OK, OK, I know…

Fun rant on decluttering.

Jenny Simpson donates 200 pairs of running shoes to Colorado kids. Video

Tonight we’re going to Tracktown Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing Justin Gallegos, our friend from Santa Clarita. And Nelson Ferris, third-ever employee at Nike and Jeff Johnson, first-ever. Both have fun stories to tell. More here. Note that story was by Matt McCue. His book, An Honorable Run, is a good read.
About eight years ago we got him to give an inspirational talk to The Master’s cross country team.

Monday, 4/2/18

How Nike dominated Oregon high schools in one fell swoosh. …Any concerns about that?

Allie O. talks about her “pool party” and about always moving forward. Here

“Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes?
There is more hope for a fool than for him.”
Proverbs 26:12

Easter Weekend, 2018

Running Wisdom from 100-Year-Old Champions

Are you doing the carbohydrate mouth rinse? …You can read all about it in Hutchinson’s Endure. Fascinating read. Here’s the deal. Your coach, or anyone else who presumes to give informed advice, should read the book. …No, as a matter of fact, I don’t do the carbohydrate mouth rinse. I’m bad.

Consider Lisa Delong’s When Lightening Strikes Twice. …Yep, Dave Delong’s wife.

NYT: Running’s Magic Beans

Must see: SCV Sprints. Cool/informative graphic on Alysia Johnson/Montano. Best ever track & field athlete from SCV. No one achieved so much. …Is Matt Nali and his team the only entity covering SCV track & field? Why are the SCV track/running sites so weak (major exception being Paul Broneer/Canyon)?

Ken Goe provides Hayward Field update and links. …Note the success of Allie Ostrander at the Stanford Invitational. She’s only 5-1, 21 years old, and is one of the best steeplers in the world. And she does tough, crazy stuff like Mt. Marathon. …Way-tougher and more dangerous than The Beast. …Most runners (including Don) secretly think themselves kinda awesome, a tough hombre or kickass lady, but few love The Beast, Mt. Pisgah in Eugene, or unafraid to try the steeple. …The steeple hurdle is 30 inches for females, 36 inches for males.

Why Catholic Colleges Excel at Basketball

Why Pain is Necessary. …Reminds me of the brain training discussion in Hutchinson’s Endure. He shows how (and I believe) we can squeeze/tough out a better time in most every race.

Run Your Own Race

It all starts with a handshake

Nature: Closer Than It Seems. …Hey, as parents used to say (before it got “unsafe”), go outside and play.

Vin Lananna was clearly in a good mood on a cold morning. He said his remarks would be brief, like the shorts he was wearing for “some crazy reason,” and that he was freezing. He’s relieved that the Hayward renovation will begin. The 12 week Sunday training session will continue in 2019, but where he doesn’t know. (Maybe Hayward?) And finally, he said, though not knowing Bowerman, that Bowerman was big dreamer, big-doer, and that Bill would have loved to see what Hayward will become.

Friday, 3/30/18

USATF funny books?

NYT: Utah Passes ‘Free-Range’ Parenting Law. Making legal what used to be common sense.

Alex Hutchinson: 4 Ways to Fix Your Running Stride.

The Right Diet Can Help Prevent Running Injuries

Good news: SCV Hurdles is back! …Bad/no news. No Signal track & field story in 15 days.

Beast photos! …I miss The Beast.

Ken Goe: TrackTown Tuesday helps cement Eugene’s place in the sport. …We plan to be there to say hello to Justin Gallegos.

Winemaniac on Bordeaux Woo-Woo

Stanford Invitational entries. Includes Chris Low and Brian Zabilski. …And results

Thursday, 3/29/18

Breaking news from Harvard Business Review about your smart (damn) phone

It’s Time to Change the Rules of Track and Field

Affordable Alternatives to the Seven Summits

Star attraction in TrackTown: Justin Gallegos

One woman’s view: Cross country: when equality is neither fair or progressive

April Oregon Track Club Newsletter. Read Vin Lananna’s update on Justin Gallegos, the pride of Hart High.

Doug Binder/Dyestat: Next Version Of Hayward Field Will Be Great Too. …Once estimated to cost 60 million, the latest word is north of 200 million.

Golden Valley @ Valencia results

California mandates warning that coffee may cause cancer. Story.

Wednesday, 3/28/18

Week That Was

NYT: 2-Minute Walk Breaks? They Add Up.

Malcolm Gladwell and Alex Hutchinson discuss how extreme athletes learn to enjoy suffering. Video

More on that theme from Alex Hutchinson. …Endure, his book (back-ordered on Amazon), arrived yesterday.

The Joys and Benefits of Reading Books in the Wild

There are at least four links we liked in Marginal Revolution, a daily go-to site. Note the two on walking in San Francisco and Paris. You can’t say you know either until you explored them exhaustingly on the hoof. Ditto for downtown Los Angeles. …Leaving your g.d. car at home.

Seriously. You think you’re normal?

Amby Burfoot has a new book, Run Forever. Excerpt

Ken Goe asks, Wouldn’t it make sense for USATF to reinstate Vin Lananna?

Tuesday, 3/27/18

the morning shakeout

Canyon at West Ranch results.

Tricking Your Partner into Liking Outdoor Activities. …Some reason why he (or she) can’t just go for a a walk and talk on a regular basis? Who likes to be gamed?

This Woman Rides Her Bike 20,000+ Miles Each Year video

Over-raced or under-prepared?

Ready for negative feedback?Perhaps you can’t handle the truth!

Monday, 3/26/18

Eating Right

Bach unbuttoned

Important vs. Urgent

Auld Lang Syne on the Hoh River TrailMo Hoh

Sunday, 3/25/18

Ken Goe has the scoop on the size, scope and secrecy of the Hayward Field renovation

We said Goe (with The Oregonian, the Portland daily) had the scoop, and indeed he did. Now this from this from the Eugene daily, filed about eight hours later. See here. …Good work by both papers.

After some good times with family in Tacoma, we experienced the Olympic National Park. Stayed here. Nice! Yearly rainfall averages 12 feet. Sometime it’s up to 170 inches. That lodge has rainfall records since the 1920s. The rainfall has been the same for all that time. …Anyway, we went there because we wanted to experience the quietest place in the United States, that One Square Inch… …On a day that was rainy, mixed with snow, with a muddy trail. Quite an ordeal just to get to the trail head, to the One Square Inch and Mt. Olympus. (Yes, Mt. Olympus.) Consulting with the forest ranger, we were advised there are no trail markings, guides to the One Square Inch, and that it’s all “NOT SANCTIONED, IN ANY WAY A PART OF THE NATIONAL PARK PROGRAM.” No, the ranger wasn’t yelling, and was otherwise courteous, but wasn’t happy with the goofy people wanting to experience that special One Square Inch. He went on to say the special inch was not on the official Hoh River Trail, but we will see approximately where it is as the goofs have tramped down the flora and fauna thereabouts. …So we tramped for two hours, maybe getting within one square mile of the one square inch, and called it good. It was all good. As green or more as we’ve ever seen. And quiet. But we did hear two jets during the two hours. And our shoes we’re sopping, our feet numb, and called it good enough.

Terrific adventure stories today’s New York Times Magazine