Sunday, 9/6/20

When I was in 1:43 shape, I couldn’t run 27:30 in the 10k and vice versa. I had that ultimate range, but never at the same time. ~Alan Webb

The Myth of Losing Speed

Saturday, 9/5/20

Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits

Thursday, 9/3/20

September Oregon Track Club Newsletter …Includes our feature on the excellent Hayward Field: Legends and Legacy. And, yes, that’s Don in the photo at the start of the OTC 5K race.

Wednesday, 9/2/20

Must see video: Dave Wottle on his surprise gold medal

The future of civilization after Covid-19

Saturday, 8/29/20

NYT: Naked Came the Runners

Thursday, 8/27/20

Much as graffiti attracts more graffiti, stuff attracts more stuff. …Read. …In Eugene, and likely where you live too, the poor, homeless, bums have ready access to free food and clothing and shelter (the latter only if they follow the rules). There’s such abundance much is trashed as they move on from site to site.

Tuesday, 8/25/20

Ditch that water bottle?

Monday, 8/24/20

Eugene woman sets Oregon Pacific Crest Trail speed record: 455 miles in 7 days

Saturday, 8/22/20

The Big Friendly 5. Results. …And video.

Friday, 8/21/20

Final Big Friendly tonight at 8 pm. Details.