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Wednesday, 12/9/20

It’s back! The Week That Was in Running

Tarahumara Myth …Anyone running barefoot or in minimalist shoes nowadays?

Saturday PM

This Was Always About Basketball. …I enjoyed the first two books.

Leener is good guy. We go way back. Read. He leaned on his entrepreneurial brother to contribute all the race shirts for all the five years or more we were associated with the event. Raised a load of money for the poor and hungry.

Saturday, 12/5/20

Students can wrestle, but can’t shake hands …Of course the big money sports ( football and basketball) continue while the rest of us are in lockdown. Have you heard from your mayor or governor on this inconsistency?

Friday, 12/4/20

No sex, no fun at the Tokyo Olympics

Thursday, 12/3/20

San Francisco bans smoking inside apartments; pot smoking OK …Dude! Blows my mind.