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Thursday, 7/18/19

Will Shoe Tech Ruin The Purity Of The Sport?

29% of Athletes Who Die of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Have Symptoms—Here’s What to Look For

Who needs a track?

Wednesday, 7/17/19

The life-changing magic of making do

In Washington state, obesity is now officially considered a disability—and protected under state anti-discrimination law. This means that “it is illegal for employers in Washington to refuse to hire qualified potential employees because the employer perceives them to be obese…”

Tuesday, 7/16/19

the morning shakeout

Coach reveals the secret behind Eliud Kipchoge’s success.

Alex Hutchinson: How to Talk Yourself Into Better Endurance

“When You Get That Wealthy, You Start to Buy Your Own Bullshit.” …About how you earn and spend your time and money conflicts with your expressed values.

Monday, 7/15/19

The Unbearable Smugness of Walking

Our friend Harvey Lewellen (Oregon Track Club), the American record holder in the 80-84 and 85-89 Hammer Throw, set a new world record…

Video (8:23): Seniors push athleticism to the limit

The average user touches their phone 2,617 times a day. Creepy.

Alberto Salazar says slow early pace helped Hassan break the 1500 world record. …More. …She’s tougher than thee and me. Routinely barfs during interval workouts.

Weekend, 7/13-14/19

Sifan Hassan Breaks World Record in the Mile. Coached by Alberto Salazar. Video

U.S. Life Expectancy Drops for Third Year in a Row …Less dramatic, but obesity, “recreation” drugs, and alcohol continue to reap an early harvest.

Seven moral rules that unite humanity

Thoreau Was Actually Funny as Hell

The Zero-Minute Workout …30 minute podcast with Michael Joyner.

Tyler Cowen/Marginal Revolution: How I practice at what I do

Jen A. Miller/NYT on Running. With links.

Friday, 7/12/19

Learn Like An Athlete

Steven Pinker: Go Ahead and Get Emotional in Negotiations

‘These kids are ticking time bombs’: The threat of youth basketball …Perchance there’s a clue for you, the aging athlete.

How Emotional Intelligence Boosts Your Endurance …Yes, you/Don woulda/coulda/shoulda run faster.

You Tube: Ultra-Geezer” Gene Dykes undergoes performance testing. Owns the fastest 70+ marathon time. …More.

Justin Gallegos to race the Chicago Marathon

Just finished/liked: Furious Hours
…Spoiler alert. Major reason(s) Harper Lee never wrote another novel is that she was crazy-rich from Mockingbird and damaged by alcohol.

The future of U.S. swimming is 6 feet 9, 17 years old and African-American

Thursday, 7/11/19

The World’s Fastest (Old) Man

Here’s Why I Pick Up Other People’s Litter—And Why You Should, Too …Don does.

My advice: Read

Justin Gallegos: Sports Changes Everything

Wednesday, 7/10/19

I Was Wrong (And I Bet You Were Too)

Q&A with Alex Hutchinson

Q&A with Bernard Lagat …Perhaps the greatest distance runner in human history.

Think about it: what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone. ~Carlos Castaneda

Tuesday, 7/9/19

Read du jour: America Is Losing Its Grip. …”We are raising a generation of weaklings, more prone to everything from premature aging to mental disorders.” …Do you do yard work? Weekly I do a 3-4 mile walk with an 80 year old. Has multiple and serious heath issues. Takes aboard over 30 pills a day, mandated by his M.D. Yesterday, after our walk, I asked if he would chill for the rest of the day. “No,” he said. “She (his wife) makes me weed the garden most afternoons.”

An Ultramarathon Runner’s Secret to Mental Toughness

Ultramarathoner Amelia Boone: The Recovery I Needed

Your phone is the adult marshmallow test you fail 250 times a day. ~Jason Kottke

Toughest July 4th race? Probably Mount Marathon. See video.

Monday, 7/8/19

American Tour de France team has barred its riders from using cellphones at the dinner table during the 3-week race

Study: A Kind Partner More Important Than Compatibility …Jerks are bad news. Who knew?

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint. Wouldn’t you like to know the footprint of every politician, you know, who tell us it’s everyone fault, but they themselves don’t need to pay the price.