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Friday, 6/7/19

Q&A about The Coach Who Changed Running Forever …OK, OK, I’m sold! Just ordered the book.

Is it time to treat sugar like smoking?

What are the hard human limits of athletic world records?

Thursday, 6/6/19

Two-hour barrier in marathon can be broken soon claims sports science expert Yannis Pitsiladis …”We need to develop tools to inject carbohydrates into the runner’s body effectively…”

Limits to Human Endurance?

Diet supplements should never be used by children …More here.

Another excerpt from Running to the Edge. About Meb and Bob Larson at Mammoth.

You’re too old, crippled, feeble to…? Meet the 77-Year-Old on a Coast-to-Coast Hike

We Are All Patients

He’s blind, she can’t walk, together they use their strengths to help each other climb mountains.

The Hill That You Love To Hate.

Wednesday, 6/5/19

This Stoic Woman Has Lived Off The Grid For Nearly 80 Years

NYT excerpt: Running to the Edge. Coached at UCLA and Mammoth.

Bronze statute of Prefontaine unveiled.Why we need another Pre.

Matthew Boling profile

Banning dodgeball. …Oh, please, surely no one is forced to play. Even in the dark ages, when Don was a kid, that was the case.

NCAA Champs results

Tuesday, 6/4/19

Notwithstanding advances in medicine and income, life expectancy continues to decline. Don’t dope.

L.A. City Hall is the pits

Old white guys killing themselves. All-American Despair

Saving Soldier’s Field Track

“Track Town USA is a branding exercise by Nike,” says Peter Thompson, former IAAF official. “It doesn’t exist anymore.” More. Read the Comments.

Monday, 6/3/19

You Don’t Need to Walk 10,000 Steps

Is Our Obsession With Health Data Making Us Crazy?

Just say no

100 Books All Runners and Track Fans Should Read

A few more for the list:

The Herb Elliott Story as told to Alan Trengove (Don’s first running book)
Anything by Percy Cerutty and Arthur Lydiard (who hated each other)
Train Hard, Win Easy: The Kenyan Way by Toby Tanser
The Lonely Breed by Ron Clarke and Norman Harris
Running in Literature by Roger Robinson
TrackTown, USA by Kenny Moore
The Runner’s Literary Companion edited by Garth Battista
Running Tough by Michael Sandrock
14 Minutes by Alberto Salazar
Twin Tracks: The Autobiography by Roger Bannister
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
Never Missed by Mark Covert
The Prelog by Linda Prefonaine
Rome 1960 by David Maraniss

Weekend, 6/1-2/19

2019 June Oregon Track Club Newsletter. Includes Q&A with Michael Reilly, CEO of Tracktown USA.

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Celebrating the Joy of Running. With great links.

San Jose State plans to pave over historic track

Does Marathon Running Increase the Risk of Cardiac Arrest?

Four Prescription Drugs That People Hate

The Cultural History of Fat

Homage to Thru Hiking

Five Lessons from History

How the sheer hell of ultrarunning led me to a strange peace