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Tuesday, 12/11/18

After recovering from a stroke, Jim McLatchie coached Summit girls cross-country to a national title

Abandoned Golf Courses Could Mean Miles of New Hiking Trails

Boasting about how many hours you work is a sign of failure. …Or miles run?

Camille Herron Smashes the 24-Hour and 100-Mile World Records on the Track

What We Know About Diet and Weight Loss

End the Innovation Obsession

Better not to know?

Monday, 12/10/18

The Kingmaker Behind Eliud Kipchoge

Alex Hutchinson: How Elite Athletes Respond to Extreme Heat

Weekend, 12/8-9/18

Ken Goe, others on paddy-cake rules violations committed by the Oregon Ducks.

Outside: 2018’s Most Accomplished Athletes

Gretchen Reynolds/NYT: Nike Vaporfly 4% Shoe May Make Some Run Faster. But, sorry, not old boys and girls.

Guarantee or not? Questions swirl around track and field world championships. …Don’t miss the Comments.

Jen A. Miller/NYT: 5 Years? 5 Decades? Running Every Day Takes Dedication

I think Santa will bring me Never Missed. About 30 years ago, Mark was my coach. Lotsa stories about the legend. Looking forward to getting his account. Good guy. ..The 1972 Olympic Trials marathon was in Eugene, OR. Covert was in the lead group until the finishing miles. Photo. You can spot Covert, the guy with Nike shoes and a hairball for a head, next to Frank Shorter.

A friend, Glenn Crabtree, writes: I lived about one half mile from Antelope Valley College and ran many miles with Mark. We were usually the only ones out running before sunrise. …I could not match his pace for years and then as he started getting more and more wear and tear on his body I was finally able to keep up with him more easily. …Humble, helpful and very down to earth.

Friday, 12/7/18

Drive, Hike, Wait, Repeat. What Could Be So Hard About Photographing a 200-Mile Ultramarathon?

Terrific. Q&A with Marc & Joan Hunter, Coaches Of Back-To-Back NXN Champions Loudoun Valley

The story of the Thai cave rescue—in which a team of young soccer players and their coach survived for 18 days before being extracted by divers. Here.

Why Humans Evolved Into Such Good BSers

Alex Hutchinson’s Holiday Book List. …We really liked On Trails. And Deena’s book.

Thursday, 12/6/18

Week That Was. And why the California International Marathon is the best, still-kinda-legal course to race. The weather is usually accommodating. …More.

This College Makes Every Student Run a Half Marathon. …Don’s mate attended Quaker schools in Philadelphia. Every student was required to participate in after school sports, competing against other private schools. Year around. No exceptions. …Her sports were softball and field hockey. Always the best with the latter. She still has some hockey sticks around in the event I start acting out.

Why Dark Winter Days Bum People Out. …Like for most life’s ills, the cure is running.

Winston Churchill’s Doctor’s Note

Wait a sec. Coach Hunter S. Thompson?

Pity the poor pro athletes!

Wednesday, 12/5/18

British Columbia’s Most Notorious Hermit.

The Woman Who Outruns the Men, 200 Miles at a Time

OK, so I read Jesse Itzler’s Living with the Monks. In about two hours. On the Kindle. Only $2.99. Liked it as much as Living with a SEAL. Itzler, 50, is a runner, finishing a 100 miler under 24 hours. Owns the Atlanta Hawks.

Tuesday, 12/4/18

the morning shakeout

Jane Brody/NYT: The Secret to Good Health May Be a Walk in the Park. …Preferably with someone you love.

How to deal with those big hills

No phone zone …About our digital addiction

How ’bout an Everest-sized hike? Mmmh, won’t do that. But I do love running up mountains. In Santa Clarita, it was The Beast. In Eugene, it’s Mt. Pisgah or Spencer Butte. …Read Living with a SEAL. Funny and instructive. Just ordered Living with a Monk. …BTW, Cheever’s short story, The Swimmer, was turned into a memorable movie.

Monday, 12/3/18

California International Marathon results. Ideal conditions on a fast course. No one we know we know was there.

Podcast with Dr. Michael Joyner: Why Training for a 5K is the Best Type of Exercise. Stuff that might surprise you. Don’t miss.

Must Read: Joyner’s Debunking the myths about lactic acid, fatigue and recovery

Scientific American: Normal Body Temperature Is Surprisingly Less Than 98.6