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Friday, 7/6/18

Why Sam Chelanga Retired From Running At Age 33 To Enlist In The U.S. Army. …Good guy. Craig Godwin’s neighbor while living in Eugene.

Lyles lights up Lausanne, mayhem in 5000m. …Lausanne results.

Brad Stulberg: Lifting Weights Helps Ease Anxiety and Depression

How to Avoid Overtraining

Neymar and the Art of the Dive

Breaking news from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Sex and Sexuality

Shelby Houlihan is Queen of the KickWatch. Excellent form. Notice her arm swings. Everything is forward. No sawing across the body. In the final sprint, hands up to shoulders and just brushing down at the waist. …That’s what Vin Lananna prescribed to us earlier this year, endorsed by Ian Dobson, who he coached at Stanford. …Watch Dobson. …BTW, Chelanga in that race. …Something strange, embarrassing happened.

Thursday, 7/5/18

Science: Double your daily exercise

NYT op-ed endorses woo for cancer

The Myth of Wine Geology

A Generation of Sociopaths: How The Baby Boomers Betrayed America. …Up next on my night table.

4th of July, 2018

Best wishes on your racing today.

Japan’s World Cup team cleaned their own locker room and left a thank you note after losing to Belgium

Forty-Five Things I Learned in the Gulag

How to Avoid Overtraining. …Race here.

A Short Talk With Legendary Nature Writer Ruth Kirk

Brad Stulberg writes: Consider making a “Bullshit List.” Take some time each month to write down all the stuff in your life that is bullshit—of little to no value. Then, commit to cutting all that bullshit. Might be hard at first, even cause angst. But over time saying “no” to dumb stuff is great.

Don’s results. Almost two minutes slower than last year. But happy notwithstanding. Still standing. Still racing.

From Santa Clarita. Independence Day Classic results.

Tuesday, 7/3/18

the morning shakeout

Breaking news: The World Is Getting Better

About accepting responsibility. It’s not you, it’s me.

There Is Nothing More All-American Than the Veggie Burger

On fitness gizmos and technology.

Ross Tucker: The stark implications of today’s Chris Froome decision

Are you racing tomorrow? Hope so. If not, I’m guessing you once did every July 4th, as I did in Santa Clarita and now do in Eugene. Usually, it’s the same course year after year, same conditions, same competition. The key opportunity to judge your current fitness against people you know and have raced for years. Don’t wuss it, don’t miss it. …Lauren Fleshman agrees. …It’s not a grim or scary ordeal. Smile.

Conversation with Juan Pablo Villarino …world’s greatest hitchhiker. Tip of the day: Read Marginal Revolution daily.

Monday, 7/2/18

Ken Goe: Saying goodbye for now

What One Woman Learned Trying to Run Across California

The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber