Friday, 2/9/18

Old Finnish Joke: A Finnish introvert looks at his shoes when he talks to you, and a Finnish extrovert looks at your shoes.

Q&A with Stephen Haas, Cheserek’s Coach. Tonight Ches will try to become the fourth man to break 3:50 in the mile indoors. …And tomorrow he races the 3000? Details.

How New Zealand made Edmund Hillary, the man who conquered Everest

Alex Hutchinson: The New Science of Training Your Gut

In praise of slow thinking in the internet age

American adults who believed that they were less active than their peers died younger than those who believed they were more active — even if their actual activity levels were similar, research shows. Study. In my day, when misbehaving I’d be instructed to “take a lap.” …Now I have a Fitbit Charge 2. Throughout the day it will buzz me, albeit discretely, usually unnoticed, if I haven’t taken 250 steps in the past hour.

Thursday, 2/8/18

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain

The Week That Was

Q&As with Mary Cain and Katelyn Tuohy

Chris Froome: Neither Saint Nor Sinner

Laugh: Andrew Wheating’s Retirement Video

Parents: let your kids fail.

Snakes on a plane for emotional support?

Semi-Rad: Complaining is Useless

It’s time for No Rules Recess

Hershey’s Unveils Some New Chocolate…

More laughs: Why People Start Running

Wednesday, 2/7/18

Alex Hutchinson: The Curiously Elastic Limits of Endurance

More Hutchinson: How top athletes dip into usually inaccessible reserves of strength and endurance

And more Hutchinson.

Hat tip from Malcolm Gladwell

Runners Who Care Pick Up Litter. Back when, in Santa Clarita, teams of Santa Clarita Runners would devote a Saturday morning to picking up litter at the area high schools and/or ten miles on the bike trail. And felt very good about themselves afterwards. Deservedly so. …Of course you don’t need a support team.

Mindfulness No Better Than Watching TV?

Nick Foles’ inspirational message. Hang in there.

Bill Gates Names His New Favorite Book of All Time.More.

Tuesday, 2/6/18

the morning shakeout

Who belongs in the National High School Track & Field Hall of Fame? How about Jeff Nelson? He held the two mile record for 29 years. …More.

The Olympic Moment When South Korea Left the North Behind

Double your pleasure. …Yes, we have the time, and our excuses are BS.

Noise kills

Amby Burfoot says Alex Hutchinson’s book, Endure, is “one of the best”

Are We Reaching the Limits of Homo sapiens?

L.A. has the world’s worst traffic congestion

Why do I live in this God forsaken rain-soaked shit hole? ~Lauren Fleshman, about Eugene, March 13, 2012

Monday, 2/5/18

Men’s Journal: The Most Adventurous Women of the Past 25 Years

The search for Jackie Wallace. He played in three Super Bowls.

“Haunts of the Black Masseur: The Swimmer As Hero” — A Book That Changed My Life

How ‘Natural’ Doctors Can Hurt You

It’s Time For a Serious Talk About the Science of Tech “Addiction”More.

Don’s pro tip du jour: Wanna win, or at least PR? Ponder death.

Weekend, 2/3-4/18

Wait a sec. Coffee doesn’t fire the engine?

Reasons to watch the Millrose Games. 1-3 PM on NBC.

Have women already run the equivalent of a sub two hour marathon? Read

The Healthiest People In The World Eat A Lot Of CarbsMore.

TrackTown USA stands by bid for 2021 world track championships

Alex Hutchinson examines how we can push ourselves beyond limits

Every Concussion in the NFL This Year

NYT: The Strava Debacle, etc.

Q&A with Shalane Flanagan

Did I miss the Super Bowl? Video

Friday, 2/2/18

The Week That Was

26.2 to Life …The movie.

I’m the Wife of a Former N.F.L. Player. Football Destroyed His Mind.

Born in Ghana. Races for Navy.

What Runners Should Know About Jack Daniels.

Resilience is Not About Bouncing Back and The Importance of Leaving Things Out

Joe Newton remembered as ‘the ultimate team guy’ at memorial

Thursday, 2/1/18

Brad Stulberg: When, Exactly, to Schedule Your Workouts

Cool video: Morning Hill Climbs for Breakfast

What Runners Can Learn From NFL Players

Hits to the Head May Result in Immediate Brain Damage

How to Tell If Someone Is Lying

You gave me a straw. Now you’re going to jail. California, of course.

OTC February Newsletter

Inside the NFL’s relentless, existential, Big Tobacco-style pursuit of your children. Hooked for Life.

Wednesday, 1/31/18

Is icing good for runners?

Q&A with Alysia Montano

Kenny Moore loves Eugene. …Moore ran in the Olympic marathon at both Mexico City and Munich, finishing fourth in 1972.

More Moore

What Cross-Country Skiing Reveals About the Human Condition. I think you would like it. Take the day off. Drive to the snow (faster than waiting for it, which may involve more years than you have). Rent the skis. Get a 15 minute lesson. And you’re good to go.

After 45 Birthdays, Here Are ’12 Rules for Life’

Property next to Don is for sale. 425 steps from the Willamette River Trail.

Tuesday, 1/30/18

Goods Fats. Bad Fats

the morning shakeout

What You Can Learn from Fighter Pilots

As it happens, I’m now reading Carrying The Fire. It’s terrific. The book was gifted to me, and my first thought was to give it pass. But she (who must be obeyed) urged me otherwise, it being actually written by Michael Collins, a frank and funny account of the Apollo mission. “At the risk of alienating friends,” he writes, Collins provides a pros and cons paragraph on other astronauts he worked with the the 60s and 70s. Ouch! Glad he doesn’t know me to sum up for the world. Collins is now 87. …Recent Q&A video. …Here’s a link (that may not work) to the 1974 NYT book review …Tom Wolfe wrote a great book about fighter jocks, astronauts, and the space program. Read The Right Stuff

Alex Hutchinson/The New Yorker: Pushing the Limits of Extreme Breath-Holding