Weekend, 7/14-15/18

Rabat/Diamond League results.

Alex Hutchinson: Why Perfectionists Get More Shin Splints

What Is Green Exercise?

Want To Become Extremely Successful? Do These 13 Things Every Day. …Read Ego Is the Enemy and The Obstacle Is the Way

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Training for Hills When You Live in a Flat Place

The ASICS Blackout Track: Ditch the headphones. Skip the smartwatch. It’s time to meditate on the move.Video

Friday the 13th

I am fearless, and therefore powerful. ~Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Today we will be at the Oregon Country Fair. With green hair. In 95 degree weather.

Take a Walk in the Woods. Doctor’s Orders.

Running After a Heart Attack. …Craig Godwin, our friend in Santa Clarita and now in Eugene, had a heart attack due to stress and overwork. Last year he set three American age group records in one race.

Become a Faster Runner With Strides

Thursday, 7/12/18

Ignore Calories and BMI

Here’s What It Takes to Hike the John Muir Trail. …Have a good BMI, says Alex Hutchinson.

Are Kilian Jornet’s Speed Records Too Good to Be True? …At five foot six and 128 pounds. Good BMI.

Video: Top Trails – Eugene, OR I love the Ridgeline Trail and Spencer Butte.

Finished Jacqueline Hansen’s A Long Time Coming. It’s terrific. Especially interesting on being a (the?) pioneer woman, training with Lazlo Tabori (and how much fast stuff they did in training), and the tough politics of getting women’s distance running beyond 800 meters. …Hansen was born in 1948, while Don was born in 1945. In our high school days, the idea of women competing in high school distance running was inconceivable.

Wednesday, 7/11/18

Jacqueline Hansen on Lazlo Tabori. More Than a Coach. …Hansen won Boston and set marathon world records in 1974 and 1975 (Nike-OTC Marathon, Eugene). …About 30 years ago, when Don was the editor of the Santa Clarita Runners newsletter, she gave us a terrific Q&A. …Order her book here. …Don did.

Her book tells the story of a true pioneer, who has lived the history of our sport and has helped make possible all that we women runners do today. ~Joan Benoit Sammuelson

How do cyclists physically survive the Tour de France?

Is it Fair for Runners to Compete in Prototypes?

The Power of Positive People

Keep Oslo Weird. …We love weird, a major reason why we love Eugene.

Steve Magness: Every once in a while we need to see god.

Diets don’t work.

As mentioned previously, Don took a Sunday tumble on the PCT. Today we start a weekly class, Tai Chi for Balance. Description: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise. It’s slow, graceful, rhythmic movements combined with natural breathing is invigorating and improves health. Tai Chi is great for improving balance and preventing falls. This class is designed for those with no Tai Chi experience.

Spitting? No, carb rinsing.

Tuesday, 7/10/18

the morninig shakeout

Goodbye, Hayward

Is Houlihan Beatable?

Five unscientific methods some sports coaches use

Do you sometimes wish you could give up a little—stop chasing so many pointless goals you probably won’t hit anyway? In Praise of Being Washed

NYT: Why Does Every Soccer Player Do This? …And runners after a race?

Monday, 7/9/18

Parents: let your kids fail.

How Alcohol and Caffeine Helped Create Civilization

Dietary Supplements: 3 Red Flags

Yesterday. A ten mile hike/run on the PCT, from the Highway 58 trailhead to the Maiden Lake cutoff, a bit beyond middle/upper Rosary Lakes. Review. Tumbled over a root on the run down. Soothed and smoothed in a hot spring nearby.

Eugene Quarterly: Animal House: Still Funny at Age 40? Yes, of course it is. …The roadhouse in Dexter is still open for business.

Dave Wottle!!!

Weekend, 7/7-8/18

Jen A. Miller/NYT: When to Stop If You’re Too Hot

Wouldn’t you like to sound like Werner Herzog? …Listen to Go the F to Sleep

Don’t Trust the Label on Your Supplements. …What percentage of supplement takers do so as back-up/insurance to a crappy diet and lifestyle?

David Brooks: Fred Rogers and the Loveliness of the Little Good

Day one at the Tour de Supplements. …Who cares?

I Gave Up AC This Summer To Live Within My Means. America Should Try That. …Personal note. Being old, the body temp trends lower. Long sleeves in the AM.

Scientific American: Does Sparkling Water Make You Hungry?

NYT: Seriously, Juice Is Not Healthy

Read: How Many Calories Do You Really Burn Once Your Workout Is Over? …And then go back and read the concluding sentence again.

Ross Tucker/Science of Sport: Can we trust the Tour, Sky and Chris Froome?

Why women may be less likely to quit in a competition than men

How to Grow Old

Friday, 7/6/18

Why Sam Chelanga Retired From Running At Age 33 To Enlist In The U.S. Army. …Good guy. Craig Godwin’s neighbor while living in Eugene.

Lyles lights up Lausanne, mayhem in 5000m. …Lausanne results.

Brad Stulberg: Lifting Weights Helps Ease Anxiety and Depression

How to Avoid Overtraining

Neymar and the Art of the Dive

Breaking news from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Sex and Sexuality

Shelby Houlihan is Queen of the KickWatch. Excellent form. Notice her arm swings. Everything is forward. No sawing across the body. In the final sprint, hands up to shoulders and just brushing down at the waist. …That’s what Vin Lananna prescribed to us earlier this year, endorsed by Ian Dobson, who he coached at Stanford. …Watch Dobson. …BTW, Chelanga in that race. …Something strange, embarrassing happened.

Thursday, 7/5/18

Science: Double your daily exercise

NYT op-ed endorses woo for cancer

The Myth of Wine Geology

A Generation of Sociopaths: How The Baby Boomers Betrayed America. …Up next on my night table.

4th of July, 2018

Best wishes on your racing today.

Japan’s World Cup team cleaned their own locker room and left a thank you note after losing to Belgium

Forty-Five Things I Learned in the Gulag

How to Avoid Overtraining. …Race here.

A Short Talk With Legendary Nature Writer Ruth Kirk

Brad Stulberg writes: Consider making a “Bullshit List.” Take some time each month to write down all the stuff in your life that is bullshit—of little to no value. Then, commit to cutting all that bullshit. Might be hard at first, even cause angst. But over time saying “no” to dumb stuff is great.

Don’s results. Almost two minutes slower than last year. But happy notwithstanding. Still standing. Still racing.

From Santa Clarita. Independence Day Classic results.