Weekend, 11/3-4/18

Like: How to Run a Marathon Faster as You Get Older. …Whatever we’re doing, we probably need to do it faster.

Q&A with Jacqueline Hansen

Alysia Montano speaks out on the ever-present doping scandal in track & field. Here.

Don’t miss: An Aging Marathoner Tries to Run Fast After 40 …It’s not just about the marathon. …Time for red pee?

Do You Even Lift, Grandma? Why Older Adults Should Be Making Gains. It’s More Than Just Bro Science

Is the 4% cheating?

Don’t Use Headphones

Friday, 11/2/18

Congrats to the West Ranch boys and the Saugus girls. Foothill Finals Results. Hat tip to Paul Broneer. …Signal story.

Is Your Favorite National Park On This List of Volcano Hot Spots? …We really like Crater Lake, but… How can you decide on a favorite, there being so many that are so precious? And even more that we’ve yet to experience?

Tuning Out The Noise

What Do We Know About Healthy Aging?

The Wrestler, the Philosopher, and the Amazing Pull-Up Chase

More about the philosopher. A runner! … Philosophize this: “My favorite workout is 400m repeats on the track with a 200m recovery jog. When I’m at my best, I run about 10-12 of them at under 75 seconds/lap.”

Maryland fires coach DJ Durkin day after reinstatement.
…Finally. So many coaches get so much money, and… Have you ever known, or even heard of an experienced distance coach who abused his/her charges, just jerks? Probably not as runners would never tolerate it. We love our sport, but not to death.

Science sez: Growing Up Surrounded by Books Has a Lasting Positive Effect on the Brain

Busybodies seeking to avoid Olympic marathon deaths

Thursday, 11/1/18

Check out the November Oregon Track Club Newsletter, especially our Q&A with Janet and Tom Heinonen

Where Training for the NYC Marathon Is a Reality Show

Remembering Miki Gorman, first American woman to win the NYC Marathon

3% of children hit daily activity target

Yes, everyone on Instagram is having more fun than you.

Des Linden – Races Are Supposed To Hurt

Wednesday, 10/31/18

Alex Hutchinson: Don’t Think Too Hard About Your Running Form. …But there are some important caveats.

What about any over-the-counter supplements? …Beware self-medication.

On motivation. Maintaining Momentum.

Dear Running: I’ve Learned To Embrace Every Moment

On grit. Can Stephanie Bruce Seize Another Breakthrough Performance at the NYC Marathon?

‘The Arm’: A Story Of Anti-Soviet Protest From The 1980 Olympics

Tuesday, 10/30/18

Seth Totten runs a 2:14:28 at the Dublin Marathon, qualifying for the Olympic Trials. Read. …The new record for a Santa Clarita area runner, formerly held by Peter De La Cerda. Review. …Hat tip to Greg Beal.

Beyonce and Tom Brady, our usual sources on nutrition, say… But

About devil lives in our phones. Don’t miss the Comments.

the morning shakeout. Mario questions the new half marathon world record. The unknown was wearing the Vaporfly 4%. …A 4% improvement on my most recent 5K time would be 59 seconds, though still 34 seconds behind my age group rival. …There would be no joy in beating him if only because of the shoes.

Monday, 10/29/18

I have a library card and I’m not afraid to use it. More

“I am convinced the devil lives in our phones.”

Weekend, 10/27-28/18

I always thought it was pretty stupid to hire someone to tell you how to run. Who doesn’t know how to run? ~Gene Dykes, 70, now within 30 seconds of Ed Whitlock’s awesome world record. …Story

NYT: Who Says Allie Kieffer Isn’t Thin Enough to Run Marathons?

How Short Can the Intervals in Interval Training Get?

Friday, 10/26/18

From Mt. Shasta City, CA.

Yesterday No. 1 son and Don hiked Black Butte.Photo.Mt. Shasta in the background, the top obscured by clouds.

Motivation Posters For Ultrarunners

Don’t Worry About Exercising Too Much

Thursday, 10/25/18

Des Linden Won Boston After a Decade of Close Calls—But She’s Not Done Yet

Is That Science?

Wednesday, 10/24/18

Alex Hutchinson: How to Run Faster

Why Did the Flu Kill 80,000 Americans Last Year? Less than half of Americans get an annual flu shot.

Lonely Planet: The best places to travel in 2019

How a Sioux Boy Became a Man

Long-distance running poses a greater risk of gut damage than other endurance sports. Story. …Really?

If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you’re a one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. ~Kurt Vonnegut