Weekend, 8/25-26/18

For all that football revealed to me about my own strengths and weaknesses, it revealed not a bit more than jogging to a nearby college running track on a dusky, cold fall evening and running a set of six 800-meters repeats with a 400-meter jog in between. Alone. You finish that workout and afterward, you feel mighty damn tough. Every bit as tough as after rising from a kill shot in the secondary. ~Tim Layden, It’s Time We Realize Football Is a Little Less Important

Alex Hutchinson: How Heat Therapy Could Boost Your Performance

A startling number of women say they have been harassed while running

Jen A. Miller/NYT: When Everything Goes Right …More

About alcoholweightweightlifters

On Sunday we cycled 22 miles on the Row River Trail. It’s about 15 miles south of Eugene. …Stumbled on this video on the Santa Ana River Trail. 55 years ago I lived nearby and ran on it, then private and pristine.

Friday, 8/24/18

Nike Announces the Vaporfly 4% Flyknit, Updating Its Speed-Racing Shoe …So you get the shoe and in your next race you improve your best by 4%. Can you, should you be proud about that?

Video: An Ode to Muir Trailer

The Athletic Acrobatics of Sepak Takraw …Check it out on You Tube.

Q&A with Bernard Lagat

Bernard Lagat Training

Hate Slowpokes?

Layne V. Witherell: Wines In A Can …Layne was in my Navy boot camp company in 1966. Both born on 3/20/45 in Los Angeles. Like Don, he was one of the “pukes from Los Angeles,” according to our company commander. Best man at my wedding in 1975. Good guy.

Thursday, 8/23/18

Treadmill Workouts to Increase Speed, Build Strength, and Burn Fat. …The treadmill doesn’t listen to our excuses.

Seneca on The Shortness of Time

Life expectancy declines in U.S.

Must see: The Communal Art of Footracing

88 Days to Nationals

12 Things Mentally Strong People Do

NYT: How You Felt About Gym Class May Impact Your Exercise Habits Today. Wow! And check Comments. …If unable to access, see here.

On running form. Is it ever too late to work on our energy leaks and maybe prevent injuries?

Wednesday, 8/22/18

Sorry, hot yoga fans. Sweating doesn’t cleanse your body.

We can all do about 20 times more than we think we can. We just tend to put upper limits on ourselves. But when you get down to it, people cut their own arms off or walk for a month without food to survive. I try to remind myself I can always do more than I think I can. More

Greater Los Angeles

We Are All Accumulating Mountains of Things

Tuesday, 8/21/18

the morning shakeout

The Week That Was

Athletes Share Their Mental Health Coping Strategies

Running Happy video. Five life lessons that Ryan Sandes learned while setting a new FKT on the Great Himalaya Trail.

It’s time for Sweet, Sweet Corn. Starting last night, we have enough for three ears (one for her, two for me) every night for the next six weeks.

Monday, 8/20/18

Strength Coach

Just finished End Zone. Very funny. The coaches are nuts. And abusive. Such was my experience, and portrayed so in fiction, film, and fact. I’ve known scores of running coaches. Not one was abusive. I think I know why. Running is tough stuff. Runners will not tolerate asshat coaches.

Athletic destiny not set at birth. “Muscle fibres can adapt to the demands you put on them.”

Finding It Hard to Focus?

Footnote on my football career, 12 weeks at Anaheim High School, 1960. Practice was in full uniform, daily, 2:30 to 5 or 5:30. In September, it was quite hot. We were allowed no water. None! No sitting. Ever. Done to make us tougher. There was a huge bottle of salt tablets for all, and we were encouraged to take as many we could tolerate.

Weekend, 8/18-19/18

National Geographic: Sleep Science: In the Era of Screens, Rest is Crucial

The net is full of Elon Musk. Can’t sleep. Nuts?

Recently finished Scott Jurek’s North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail. He had to average 50 miles a day to get the record. In the latter stages, because he was slowing down, he had to walk and run 18 hours a day or more. Way short on sleep. Meanwhile, he began to stink like apple cider vinegar, the sign his intake was insufficient for his energy needs, and his body was burning itself up. An unsustainable situation, to be sure. …Spoiler. He broke the record. But set no record in getting the book on the market. Three years. His AT record has been broken twice.

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Are You Ready for Fall Marathon Season? And other stories.

Protein in Meat Linked to Premature Death

Birmingham results

Colorado State University’s Newly Renovated Track No Longer Open To The Public Or Non-Track Athlete Students. Story. Open/closed hours with rules appears to be a fair and obvious solution.

Jerry Miles. …I like my Fitbit, about steps, but time on my feet is the more important measure. It all counts.

Is TrackTown still TrackTown without Lananna?

Friday, 8/17/18

About Soft People

Obesity in America. Seems to be because we’re stupid and easily hoodwinked and don’t realize what, how much is wolfed down.

Trash Runners! Recommended. We live on a cul de sac, ending at a trail head for the Willamette River trail. It used to get a lot of litter. Now not so much as we pick up litter there and on the rest of our street and other places as needed. A small investment of time, especially when retired, but folks get the idea littering isn’t normal. …Reminds me. Long time ago. Santa Clarita Runners would pick up every scrap of litter at the high schools. Strangely, after a few years of that, the schools did their own pick-ups. We then did pick ups on all the river trails. Anyone doing that now?

Thursday, 8/16/18

Week That Was. Must reading about Jakob Ingrebrigtsen, 1500 and 5000 meter gold medalist at age 17. Two words. Threshold intervals. …1500 race video

Good news for you!!! California might decide coffee does not cause cancer.

Defining the Upper Limits of Fitness

How To Improve Your vo2 Max

An Analysis of Eliud Kipchoge’s Training Before His Berlin Marathon Victory

Memories of Hayward Field abound for high school coach

Wednesday, 8/15/18

Free will? Q&A with philosopher Galen Strawson. Were you really born to run? …A fully informed, completely rational decision?

Tim Duncan “was the most coachable great player of all time. …That was always our secret weapon, to me: You see this all-world player…and here he is in practice, willing to be coached like he’s fighting for a spot on the team.” ~Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs

John Wooden “impacted me so much in so many different ways.” ~Jamaal Wilkes