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Saturday, 1/8/22

Children in the Garden: On Life at a 3,100 Mile Race …On a site called Longreads. (It’s a very long read.)

Friday, 1/7/22

Let’s run the Manitou Incline.  Note the elevations, 6530′ to 8550. …Just interviewed a past Colorado high school track and cross coach. His school was at 7500′ Much of their training was at elevations above 7500. They were state champs four of the sixteen years he was there.

Thursday, 1/6/22

Eric Dickerson: The NFL is another no-good entity

Wednesday, 1/5/22

Football Is A Sucker’s Game
…Published in 2002. Wikipedia brings us current on coach Jim Leavitt. Not pretty.

Too woke to travel write?

Tuesday, 1/4/22

Here’s my latest Q&A in the Oregon Track Newsletter

…I’m avoiding the Winter Olympics. If alive in 1850 America, wouldn’t we want to avoid the slave South?