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Tuesday, 5/12/20

Grease the Groove

Monday, 5/11/20

Must see: Bill Bowerman …As he says therein, bringing jogging to the masses was the greatest thing he ever did.

Running up mountain trails and staircases, Moon forged her own path to running greatness …When in doubt, run up hill.

Sunday, 5/10/20

An Ode to Running in the Movies

….Daniel Day-Lewis running

Saturday, 5/9/20

Why Everyone Hates Runners

The Pacific Crest Trail in Three Minutes


Thursday, 5/7/20

A Letter from Thoreau to Cushy Liberal Arts Schools

Tuesday, 5/5/20

Bored to run.

Weekly Totals
99,918 steps 440 floors 51.63 miles 14,591 calories

Monday, 5/4/20

He ran 76 miles around the perimeter of Philadelphia…

A life-long Philadelphian, 70, once a runner, now a cyclist, writes, “I think I’ve seen him on my rides on the Schuylkill River Trail — same physique, complexion, hair, beard, and tattoos. But there’s probably 2,000 guys just like him in Phila.”

Saturday, 5/2/20

Teacher’s song about feelings

Family Feuds

Friday, 5/1/20

Dave Barry: To The Class of 2020