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Friday, 8/16/19

How This Texas Ranch Hand Ran His Way to a 2:13 Marathon

Thursday, 8/15/19

Is It More Important to Run Faster or Run Longer?

Wednesday, 8/14/19

The Biomechanical Perfection of Simone Biles in Flight

Tuesday, 8/13/19

71-Year-Old Jeannie Rice Runs Sub-1:40 Half to Set Age Group World Record

Monday, 8/12/19

Across America on a Motorized Bicycle – 1903


Weekend, 8/10-11/19

She started running at age 100

Friday, 8/9/19

An apple a day…

Thursday, 8/8/19

To Delay Death, Lift Weights

On Vacation

All is well.

Friday, 8/2/19

Are we eating ourselves and our planet to death?