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Weekend, 9/8-9/18

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Muscle Loss, Bathroom Scales, and Kindness

Pro Runners’ Salaries

Fifth Avenue Mile on the tube, Sunday, 9 AM, PDT

Diane Leather Charles, First Woman to Break 5-Minute Mile, Dies at 85

Fifth Avenue Mile results. …So how would you have finished in your age group? Yes, I know you’re not a miler, and Don isn’t either, but how are you going to improve on your 5K, or any race beyond the mile, if you don’t know and don’t work on, improve your mile time? …Every town should have mile races for all ages at least once a year. …I raced an All-Comers track mile in July, finishing in 7:56.84.

Michael Johnson, 50, experienced a mini-stroke. …In January, Don had the same, or maybe a TGA No hospitalization. Got every possible, imaginable test of the brain and heart. The last test was a 24 hours per day heart monitor for 30 days. The final verdict? You’re OK, no need for drugs or anything new. From day one I was told I could run as much I wanted, and I did. In fact, I raced a 5K with the monitor. …My father and older sister had TIAs and recovered sans further stroke/heart scares.

Friday, 9/7/18

An Ode to Fall Running

Q&A with Jeff Galloway

In California, Human Breath Is a Cancer Risk

Thursday, 9/6/18

Yes, I’m late. Was traveling most of the day. Now back in Eugene.

Leave No Trace Also Means Your Food

Q&A with Amby Burfoot

What should we read? …Left and right, Dems and Reps, believers and atheists, rich and poor, vegans and vegetarians and everything-in-sighters… Those people on the other side just might be ok, even fun and smart, who can cause us to pause, even think.

Wednesday, 9/5/18

The Myth of Slow Metabolism

Kipling’s “If” is the favorite poem of Serena Williams.

Tuesday, 9/4/18

Kenyan athletics – when does the benefit of the doubt run out?

BALCO figures offer how to rid sports of doping 15 years after scandal


Nicholas Kristof and daughter on the PCT. Six Years, Four Sore Feet, 2,650 Miles

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Running While Female. And more.

On Friday we posted a piece from Steve and Brad recommending Junger’s Tribe and Braving the Wilderness. We’d already enjoyed Tribe. Now ditto on the latter. …How smugly self satisfied can we be?

Q&A with Tyler Hamilton

The Barkley Marathons Creator Is Walking Across the Country…

September OTC Newsletter


No. 1 son summits Mount Eddy. …Eddy Details.

The Wizard of Foz …The story of Dick Fosbury.

Welch begins his chapters with the greatest collection of stirring epigrams I’ve ever found in a single work. That means it is a history filled with the suffering of pursuing a new idea in a world fanatically ready to doubt. It is about the power of invention, and the need for wisdom in teachers confronted by that invention. Fosbury and our society have needed decades to be able to fully tell or accept Dick’s story. Now it is done, and Welch does magnificent justice to it all. ~Kenny Moore

Jane Brody on countering muscle loss.

Extreme Athleticism Is the New Midlife Crisis

Harvard Business Review: 4 Strategies for Overcoming Distraction. Too busy or just inefficient?