Friday, 1/15/21

This Actually Happened On Jeopardy

Now reading Rickover: Controversy and Genius (only 720 pages). Born in Poland in 1900 (or maybe 1898). Not a stellar student in his 1922 graduating class at the Naval Academy. Was in charge of the Navy’s nuclear program for over 30 years. Served under eight Presidents, with at least three of them wanting to get rid of him but would not or could not. Finally forced out in 1982. In the late 60s I shared an off base apartment with Joe, a peon sailor like me, who worked for Rickover. Heard many stories. One Saturday morning, when the friend was gone, the phone rang. It was Rickover. He was looking for Joe to drive him somewhere. It was a very nervous Don who had to tell him, kindly, he was out of luck. Upshot? He was ok with that.

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