Wednesday, 6/26/19

Week That Was

Meet Bob Schul, Team USA’s Only 5,000-meter Olympic Champion In History …On Sunday he would do 20 X 400 in 60 seconds. Probably on a track worse than at the high school nearest you. …BTW, are you racing the local 5K (or whatever) on July 4th? Hope so. Patriotic duty. …We’re just not buying that you’re too old or crippled.

Joy in hiking. Alone. Or naked

More joy. The Great Summer Read …And more. We read and enjoyed Good to Go and The Pioneers

Video: On This Oregon Trail, Foresters and Mountain Bikers Work Together

How to Fall Asleep in 120 Seconds …The U.S. Navy did not teach us that in boot camp.

Ken Goe: Leadership of USA Track & Field continues to bumble along

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