Weekend, 3/30-31/19

IAAF World Cross Country Championship Results

One Shoe, No Problems

Man Who Exercised Every Day Dies at 111. Even when he had to get out of his wheelchair to do it.

The Coddling of the American Mind

Jen A. Miller: The Races Are Virtual but the Running Is Real. With links.

Our book of the week: Aristotle’s Way

Q&A with Athing Mu

Reprise on our favorite 90+ athlete Colleen Milliman

“A phenom in basketball is different from a standout in other team sports because there’s no helmet on the kid and by the time he reaches junior year in high school and becomes an All-American, everybody knows who he is,” the agent said. “Everybody in that town knows him. Agents, college coaches, media and many other people in the basketball world know him. You and I went to college, matured, faced rejection at some point, and experienced failures and successes. You learn and you grow; it’s a healthy development. But these players – the five-star recruits who are known nationally – have a very unique development. From the time they’re 14 or 15 years old, they’re probably the most famous person in their community. …Read the whole thing. Here

World Cross Country Championships video. Wicked course.

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