Friday, 12/21/18

How To Be a Happy Runner

Secrets of ‘UltraGeezer,’ Earth’s Fastest 70-Year-Old Distance Runner

Tianna Bartoletta, with three Olympic gold medals, runs hills. Watch.More.

2000m on a Concept2 is the key measure in rowing, like your mile time in running, a quien es mas macho for rowers. Watch. …For over 20 years, I’ve been rowing as a warm-up for the treadmill. Yesterday I clocked 10:13. Mostly just for fun, will try to improve on that. World record for my age group/lightweight category is 7:08.2. …Now 73, 5-8, 123.

The Sweetest Most Heartbreaking Running Film, In 3 Minutes

The future is female

In case you missed it. Don did. Loudoun Valley’s Coaches on Supplemental Work & Respond To Claims That They Recruit Transfers

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