Tuesday, 9/11/18

Remember. … 2,997 flags in Malibu, Calif., to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attacks on this day in 2001.CreditCreditFrederic J. Brown/Agence France-Presse β€” Getty Images

Check out the Nike ad on Caster Semenya. Yes, it’s touching, but were those really Semenya’s touching words or that of a copy writer? But more to the point, how do the other 800m runners (many being Nike sponsored) feel about it?

Ato Boldon reflects on track and field season breakouts, looks to 2019

5 training tips for the older runner

Walking Might Be the Best Exercise There Is. If so, gardening might be second best. …Now harvesting grapes, corn, pears, apples, plums, tomatoes…

Consider The Other Path

β€œIt has long been our desire to see cross country running back in the Olympic Games,” said IAAF President Sebastian Coe. More.

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