Wednesday, 8/29/18

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We Can Read Without Learning at All

…they found that people expended more total energy — meaning they burned more calories — on days when they exercised than days when they did not. But not by much. In fact, their total daily expenditure was increased by only about half as much as would have been expected, given the number of calories they were burning during exercise, because they moved less in other ways on those days. Read

Climbing Utah’s Highest Peak—On Prosthetic Feet

Discover the Unsearchable on a Trail

Using Checklists to Prevent Failure

“I don’t shop at Walmart.” How often do you hear that? Several days ago a group of us started a bike ride at a trail head next to a Walmart. It seemed like every rider had to make sure we understood they never shopped at Walmart. Even to use the potty. …Just for the deplorables?

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