Monday, 8/20/18

Strength Coach

Just finished End Zone. Very funny. The coaches are nuts. And abusive. Such was my experience, and portrayed so in fiction, film, and fact. I’ve known scores of running coaches. Not one was abusive. I think I know why. Running is tough stuff. Runners will not tolerate asshat coaches.

Athletic destiny not set at birth. “Muscle fibres can adapt to the demands you put on them.”

Finding It Hard to Focus?

Footnote on my football career, 12 weeks at Anaheim High School, 1960. Practice was in full uniform, daily, 2:30 to 5 or 5:30. In September, it was quite hot. We were allowed no water. None! No sitting. Ever. Done to make us tougher. There was a huge bottle of salt tablets for all, and we were encouraged to take as many we could tolerate.

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