Weekend, 8/18-19/18

National Geographic: Sleep Science: In the Era of Screens, Rest is Crucial

The net is full of Elon Musk. Can’t sleep. Nuts?

Recently finished Scott Jurek’s North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail. He had to average 50 miles a day to get the record. In the latter stages, because he was slowing down, he had to walk and run 18 hours a day or more. Way short on sleep. Meanwhile, he began to stink like apple cider vinegar, the sign his intake was insufficient for his energy needs, and his body was burning itself up. An unsustainable situation, to be sure. …Spoiler. He broke the record. But set no record in getting the book on the market. Three years. His AT record has been broken twice.

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Are You Ready for Fall Marathon Season? And other stories.

Protein in Meat Linked to Premature Death

Birmingham results

Colorado State University’s Newly Renovated Track No Longer Open To The Public Or Non-Track Athlete Students. Story. Open/closed hours with rules appears to be a fair and obvious solution.

Jerry Miles. …I like my Fitbit, about steps, but time on my feet is the more important measure. It all counts.

Is TrackTown still TrackTown without Lananna?

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