Friday, 8/17/18

About Soft People

Obesity in America. Seems to be because we’re stupid and easily hoodwinked and don’t realize what, how much is wolfed down.

Trash Runners! Recommended. We live on a cul de sac, ending at a trail head for the Willamette River trail. It used to get a lot of litter. Now not so much as we pick up litter there and on the rest of our street and other places as needed. A small investment of time, especially when retired, but folks get the idea littering isn’t normal. …Reminds me. Long time ago. Santa Clarita Runners would pick up every scrap of litter at the high schools. Strangely, after a few years of that, the schools did their own pick-ups. We then did pick ups on all the river trails. Anyone doing that now?

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