Thursday, 8/2/18

Mark Covert has written a book. Details. He was my coach in the mid 80s. Good guy! …Historical link with Nike.

USATF expected to award Eugene the 2020 Olympic trials. …Along with friends up from Santa Clarita, we attended the 2012 and 2016 Trials. What a thrill. Here’s the kinda sad/creepy thing. After the race, the runners are chased off the track within a minute or so of just seeing their Olympic dreams destroyed, and there’s a roped path they have to get to a less public place. And to see the blank/shocked look in their eyes…

NYT: Take a Vacation From Exercise? Your Body May Not Thank You

Jonathon Marcus: What Have You Earned?

A leading researcher explains the obesity epidemic

Semi-Rad: How to tell people at the gym you’re not climbing the Dawn Wall (or racing Badwater 135) this year.

Louie Luchini on the Stanford “Machine, Best Ryan Hall Story, and…

It’s a fact. Eugene to host 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials

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