Weekend, 7/28-29/18

Harvard scientists say these 5 things can prolong your life by a decade

And one more thing. Change your habits. …Short term pain. Long term gain.

Forever George Young

New Jersey school superintendent’s job is down the toilet. Why? …He left it all out on the track.

Migrants invade nude beach.

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Favorite Runners Share Their Favorite Running Books

Video: Myth Vs. Fact: Sunscreen

Big Changes at Autzen Stadium. I’d care if a football fan.

Q&A with David Epstein. Good introduction to his terrific book, The Sports Gene. Lots of good stuff about runners. Especially good is the chapter entitled Sled Dogs, Ultrarunners, and Couch Potatoes. …Did mom and dad give us the will and heart of Zorro, the wonder dog? Is there a gene for that? …Another tidbit in the book. With the death of Mao, the Chinese sports federation (government), hoping to get into the world’s sport scene, brought together 6 ft 7 in dad and 6 ft 3 in mom, both prominent basketball players. The result was 7 ft 6 in Yao Ming.

Going the Distance: A Reading List on Running

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