Thursday, 7/12/18

Ignore Calories and BMI

Here’s What It Takes to Hike the John Muir Trail. …Have a good BMI, says Alex Hutchinson.

Are Kilian Jornet’s Speed Records Too Good to Be True? …At five foot six and 128 pounds. Good BMI.

Video: Top Trails – Eugene, OR I love the Ridgeline Trail and Spencer Butte.

Finished Jacqueline Hansen’s A Long Time Coming. It’s terrific. Especially interesting on being a (the?) pioneer woman, training with Lazlo Tabori (and how much fast stuff they did in training), and the tough politics of getting women’s distance running beyond 800 meters. …Hansen was born in 1948, while Don was born in 1945. In our high school days, the idea of women competing in high school distance running was inconceivable.

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