Wednesday, 7/11/18

Jacqueline Hansen on Lazlo Tabori. More Than a Coach. …Hansen won Boston and set marathon world records in 1974 and 1975 (Nike-OTC Marathon, Eugene). …About 30 years ago, when Don was the editor of the Santa Clarita Runners newsletter, she gave us a terrific Q&A. …Order her book here. …Don did.

Her book tells the story of a true pioneer, who has lived the history of our sport and has helped make possible all that we women runners do today. ~Joan Benoit Sammuelson

How do cyclists physically survive the Tour de France?

Is it Fair for Runners to Compete in Prototypes?

The Power of Positive People

Keep Oslo Weird. …We love weird, a major reason why we love Eugene.

Steve Magness: Every once in a while we need to see god.

Diets don’t work.

As mentioned previously, Don took a Sunday tumble on the PCT. Today we start a weekly class, Tai Chi for Balance. Description: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise. It’s slow, graceful, rhythmic movements combined with natural breathing is invigorating and improves health. Tai Chi is great for improving balance and preventing falls. This class is designed for those with no Tai Chi experience.

Spitting? No, carb rinsing.

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