Weekend, 4/28-29/18

Farewell, Old Hayward Field. …The Eugenians we talk to, who actually run and race, are ready to move on, anxious to see the new structure up and open for business.

Most podcasts are unfocused, rambling, and to be avoided. But when Magness, Hutchinson, and Marcus get together… Listen. …And then, fercryinoutloud, read Endure and Peak Performance.

How Strenuous Exercise Affects Our Immune System

Just finished Charles Frazier’s Varina. Almost as good as Cold Mountain.

Penn Relays today on the tube, 9:30 AM to noon, PST, NBCSN.

Jen Miller/NYT: Yes, You Can Take Walk Breaks, etc.

Skyler Mikesell, captain of The Master University’s Men’s Track & Field team, tells his story. Video

Justin Gallegos finishes the Eugene Half Marathon in 2:03:49. Got a huge cheer at the finish. We were there, but failed to capture a decent finishing photo or find him in the crowd thereafter. Congrats, Justin!!!

Ken Goe challenges Lauren Fleshman’s (nutty) comments, and posts links to article/video on Justin Gallegos. Here.

Michael Saruni (1:43.25) sets a new NCAA 800m Record!!! Video

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