Weekend, 4/21-22/18

NYT: Why Men Quit and Women Don’t

How Sportsmanship Helped Desiree Linden Win Boston. Race with a friend, a team mate. Like in cross country.

Admire Old Man Abdi Abdirahman. First Master at Boston.

How to watch the London Marathon. Sunday @ 12:30 AM, PST, on NBCSN

Video: A Road Trip To All 59 National Parks. …Or find something closer to home. If in Santa Clarita Valley, consider the trail to Slide Mountain Lookout. …If in Eugene, do the Ridgeline Trail on Spenser Butte. Just a few miles from downtown.

F4%K The Marshmallows

Video from 50 years ago. Ravi Shankar at Monterey Pop. Still moves and wows me. No, I wasn’t there. Was then a sailor at the Pentagon.

Jen Miller/NYT: Q&A with Desi Linden and more

Congratulations to Justin Gallegos. Huge PR.

Yuki 14th today at the Gifu Half Marathon

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