Wednesday, 4/4/18

Week That Was

In Praise of Bernard Lagat

Finally! Clothes washing mystery solved by physicists. …What is your surfactant gradient?

Bananas beat sport drinks

A Runner’s Mysterious Illness, With Her Dad at Her Side

Video: When Mountains Speak

Rupp is insane. Workout of the Day

Training culture

OK, so last night we attended Tracktown Tuesday, the insane brainchild of Vin Lananna in 2007. The first one had a crowd of 30. Now they’re 200+. Last night possibly 300+. First time for us, though I’ve been here for six years. But, hey, it’s past my bed time.

Last time I saw Justin Gallegos was three years ago, in town with his grandparents to see Eugene/UO, where Justin announced he was considering attending. The grandparent eyes were rolling, and possibly hoping we would discourage Justin. But as we all know, discouraging Justin… Anyway, Justin led off the program and won the night. Most and longest applause. …Afterwards promised us to do a Q&A.

There was a drawing for a special surprise. Don won. What, they didn’t say.

There was an interview with some UO super women who kicked butt at the NCAA Indoor Champs. Some Oregonians, but also twins from Australia and a Georgetown alum with a semester of eligibility. Eugene is a magnet.

Yesterday we mentioned the two Nike galoots would appear. Both were unbelievably funny and with some crazy stories. They traded up-the-ante tales about Nike and other stuff you can hardly believe. But probably true. Just for you, in the dark, I was feverishly jotting down stuff. 90% of it is unreadable. So sorry. You’ll just have to get up here some day. …There was a professional video guy and he told me the entire evening is on tape. I’ll check on that.

On the ten minute drive downtown, she asked if I thought Ken Goe would be there. As he lives in Portland, 100 miles away, and does a column every morning, I said no way. But there he was afterwards, cornering Vin. No way was anyone getting between those two.

So we’re walking out, having collected a lot of pens, trinkets, and a Pre poster for the man loft, and she said, “Aren’t you forgetting your prize.” Indeed, and there was a lady at a table looking for a Don McLean. The prize was two tickets to the NCAA D1 four day championship meet.

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