Tuesday, 4/3/18

E-Bikes: Dorkmobiles or Saviors of the Universe?

Q&A With Gwen Jorgensen on Her Move to Marathoning

When 26.2 miles just isn’t enough. Biggest plus about ultras, in my view, is that it gets you into the mountains.

the morning shakeout

Hooked on Vitamins? Here’s a bold idea. Ask your PCP.

“…the first thing the (NFL) coach asked me is what I would do if he punched me in the face right now?”

Bike Lanes May Be The Most Cost-Effective Way To Improve Public Health. …How crazy is it that runners drive to the gym, track, or trail? Or asking mom to drive you? Ever seen a coach…? OK, OK, I know…

Fun rant on decluttering.

Jenny Simpson donates 200 pairs of running shoes to Colorado kids. Video

Tonight we’re going to Tracktown Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing Justin Gallegos, our friend from Santa Clarita. And Nelson Ferris, third-ever employee at Nike and Jeff Johnson, first-ever. Both have fun stories to tell. More here. Note that story was by Matt McCue. His book, An Honorable Run, is a good read.
About eight years ago we got him to give an inspirational talk to The Master’s cross country team.

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