Wednesday, 3/28/18

Week That Was

NYT: 2-Minute Walk Breaks? They Add Up.

Malcolm Gladwell and Alex Hutchinson discuss how extreme athletes learn to enjoy suffering. Video

More on that theme from Alex Hutchinson. …Endure, his book (back-ordered on Amazon), arrived yesterday.

The Joys and Benefits of Reading Books in the Wild

There are at least four links we liked in Marginal Revolution, a daily go-to site. Note the two on walking in San Francisco and Paris. You can’t say you know either until you explored them exhaustingly on the hoof. Ditto for downtown Los Angeles. …Leaving your g.d. car at home.

Seriously. You think you’re normal?

Amby Burfoot has a new book, Run Forever. Excerpt

Ken Goe asks, Wouldn’t it make sense for USATF to reinstate Vin Lananna?

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