Thursday, 3/8/18

Russia facing permanent athletics ban

Suicides, Drug Addiction and High School Football

Dorm living for professionals in San Francisco

National Geographic’s 2018 Adventurers of the Year

Just finished Life Is A Wheel. Got it because I like stories of people going cross country on foot, bike, car, whatever, and because the author, an obituary writer for the New York Times, must be good. Bought the book at a thrift store on Saturday. 12 hours later, Sunday at Hayward Field, Ian Dobson tells us about Bannister’s death. Later that day I see Weber’s co-authored obit on Bannister in the New York Times. Later I learned Weber took the NYT buyout in 2016. Anyway, it’s a good read.

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Touch Students? …The answer is yes. I was touched plenty of times, as I had (still have) trouble keeping my mouth shut. Also spent time (outs) in the cloakroom. …Cloakroom, you ask?

Reminds me. Back when, Bill Bowerman hazed his new runners by urinating on them in the shower and branding them with a hot set of keys…

Ken Goe writes: IAAF doesn’t seem interested in marketing track to U.S. fans

Jordan Hasay Will Outrun You. While Smiling.

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