Weekend, 2/10-11/18

King Ches runs 2nd fastest indoor mile on the planet. Click.

Wisdom from the World’s Best Marathoner

The Case for Lowering Your Expectations

Brad Stulberg: A Proven Method to Get More Out of Your Reading.

Q&A with Alex Hutchinson

Kara Goucher tweets: Nice work Justin (Gallegos)! You are an inspiration!! Click.

NYT: How to Handle a Tough Race, etc.

The Olympics Do Not Matter

How to Stay Warm at a Bitter-Cold Olympics? Face Tape and a Whistle-Like Gadget

Training The Best Female Cross Country Skier

‘Banking’ sleep can help athletes go the extra mile

On Saturday, four University of Oregon runners went sub four in the mile. Indoors. Same race. Results. Team mate Matthew Maton, now injured, ran 3:59:38 as a prep.

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