Tuesday, 1/30/18

Goods Fats. Bad Fats

the morning shakeout

What You Can Learn from Fighter Pilots

As it happens, I’m now reading Carrying The Fire. It’s terrific. The book was gifted to me, and my first thought was to give it pass. But she (who must be obeyed) urged me otherwise, it being actually written by Michael Collins, a frank and funny account of the Apollo mission. “At the risk of alienating friends,” he writes, Collins provides a pros and cons paragraph on other astronauts he worked with the the 60s and 70s. Ouch! Glad he doesn’t know me to sum up for the world. Collins is now 87. …Recent Q&A video. …Here’s a link (that may not work) to the 1974 NYT book review …Tom Wolfe wrote a great book about fighter jocks, astronauts, and the space program. Read The Right Stuff

Alex Hutchinson/The New Yorker: Pushing the Limits of Extreme Breath-Holding

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