Friday, 1/26/18

Can you spot Libbie and Don in this video? Hint: 0:48 – 0:50. The tall, bearded guy in black is Ian Dobson, 2008 Olympian. The coach is Vin Lananna, USATF President. He agreed to do a Q&A.

The Avalon 50K is a very tough race on the mountains of Catalina. Six days ago our friend, Patricia DeVita, 82, finished in 11:33:08. (Ever run/walked for 11 hours?) Beat four others.

Tube time tomorrow on the indoor track. Details.

Insane. Only 6th with a 2:04:15. More

Semi-Rad: Is This What I Have to Do to Get Away from My Phone?

The Timeless Link Between Writing and Running and Why It Makes for Better Work. …Read: Ego is the Enemy

Now reading Walking to Hollywood. …First learned about Will Self while flipping the channels and stumbling upon Obsessed with Walking

How To Change Your Gait

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