Christmas, 12/23-12/26/17

Is Endurance Training Killing Your Strength?

Most Important Health Lessons of 2017

Fitness Trends of 2018

Pro tips from The Harvard Business Review: To Get People to Change, Make Change Easy

NYT: Running: Fitness Trackers, Body Shamers and Salad Eaters

Tianna Bartoletta (seven gold medals in international competition): What I look for in a coach

When I first came here we had four kids breaking five minutes in the mile. Now we have 27. … That’s what I love about (coaching). To see the kids who, for three years, are busting their butt every day to break five minutes as a senior. That’s what makes it worth it. ~Tim Broe, Olympian, now coaching high school track and cross country. More.

How running the 800 has changed. When did you last race the 800? A while, I’m guessing. And then there’s the mile. Same question. (I do one mile race a year.) …Consider.

Consider what American Buddy Edelen did the week before breaking the world marathon record. See here.

Pabst is selling a 99-can case of its Blue Ribbon brew. Merry Chrismas

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