Tuesday, 12/19/17

Oops, we were not on the same southbound… The train accident was on an alternate route believed safe for higher speeds.

Q&A: What It Takes to Climb Mt. Everest

Chris Froome Just Killed Pro Cycling …And then there is Justin Gatlin

Four Illinois Running Icons Remember Competing Against Coach Joe Newton. …”Thousands of Lives Changed for the Better” …That we could all have that on our tombstone.

95% of injuries are the fault of the coach

NYT: The Top 10 Well Stories of 2017

the morning shakeout

A favorite novel this year is now an audiobook. …I read three times.

While I know my hard workouts will decline, I never want them to go away completely… there‚Äôs nothing that can replace that stride sync, mind meld, drunk-on-effort feeling. Forever my drug of choice. ~Sally Bergesen

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