Tuesday, 12/5/17

How special was Mariah Castillo’s third place finish at NXN? Story.

Raevyn Rogeers is a girly girl and fierce. Only 21, she is a six time NCAA champion. …Watch. Huge win as a freshman.

Women are naturally more fit than men

Amby Burfoot: Running ‘Softer’ Might Reduce Your Injury Risk

Lonely and Loving It

the morning shakeout. He’s right, CIM is special. The course is forgiving, fast, and legal. 649 ran sub three. The weather can be great (cold) or lousy. In ’87, super cold and a driving rain, I had my worst marathon experience. In the medical tent afterwards with hypothermia. In ’88, in ideal conditions, I ran my second best marathon (2:51:55).

In a ridiculously small (31 high school males) study, cross training improved cross country runners. Read.

Why the NFL sucks.

Why we kinda suck too because we don’t jump stairs like Ashton Eaton or Alysia Montano. …But we can run or walk up stairs, hills, and mountains.

2017 December OTC Newsletter

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