Monday, 11/20/17

A great coach once told me that doing one session less than you had scheduled is preferable to doing one too many. ~ Peter Sagan

To Promote Happiness, Choose Time Over Money. …How ’bout more outside, less gizmo and other electronic time wasters?

America Is Now an Outlier on Driving Deaths

How to Sleep

For free in Tracktown USA

Eugene friend writes from… “the island nation of Comoros which is in the Indian Ocean in the general vicinity of Madagascar. We flew here from Paris… The weather is tropical, the people are friendly and helpful, and the food is French cuisine – all in all a very pleasant place to spend a week. We are staying in a beach bungalow with no electricity or water but with a lobster dinner at the edge of the ocean. …Comoros became number 200 on our list of countries that we have visited in the 20 years we have been married. As an aside, we flew one leg of this trip on a new budget air line with the unlikely name of WIZZ AIR. I think they may have done an inadequate job of choosing a name for their little startup venture but what do I know.”

Sock talk. Perhaps you will have charity, some money leftover over in the holiday season, and/or looking for a tax deduction. Consider this. Decent cotton socks for around 70 cents a pair. Made in China. Ships free. Takes about seven days to receive. Your local Food Pantry will gladly pass them out. A surprise, a bit of joy for hundreds. …A thousand?

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