Monday, 11/13/17

When should you have your first cup of coffee? Interactive- 24 hour guide to your life. …Not science, but two life tips from Don. Don’t introduce any difficult issues with your mate or boss early in the morning, before coffee, especially on a Monday.. Negotiate deals on Friday afternoon, following numerous, tedious negotiations over time, when the opposition is tired and now just wants to be done with you.

State of the (Coaching) Nation

Kenyan Maasai waiter, in his second marathon, places 17th in New York

About football. On the Table, the Brain Appeared Normal. And Roger Goodell

How to Start Running at Age 100 …We hang around with old folks. Invariably, the old ladies garden and read good books. The old boys don’t do much. Just tell stories and watch football.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Handwritten Resume (1482)

Woodward Park All-Time List

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